The Land of Nod vs. Nodding Off

Sleep is a scarce commodity these days even more so in winter months, when the sun is low in the sky by late afternoon, and truck drivers face a loooong road ahead. Short on shut-eye, they may have a difficult time staying focused on the road.

That’s where a hat can help. Not just to keep their head warm in a cold cab, but to actually wake a trucker up if it senses that he (or she) may be nodding off.

Howcan a hat do that? Welcome to the age of smart: everything from our phones to our homes and now, our clothes and accessories, is imbued with active intelligence.

We get it. Here at Impact Absorbents, while our spill clean up and spill containment solutions won’t quite clean up the spillforyou yet (we’re working on that), the products themselves are as leading edge as possible, absorbing a spill so fast a trucker will barely know his coffee was on the console rather than in his stomach.

And while aspill bermmay not be as high tech as the SafeCap, the latter allows the trucker to use the former. Talk about teamwork!

Nobody wants to be asleep at the wheel, literally or figuratively, especially if they’re on a long haul. So be sure to give yourself enough time in the Land of Nod that you won’t nod off in the daytime (or nighttime, if that’s when you cruise.)

Regardless, it might be a good idea to buy a SafeCap as well as spill containment and spill clean up supplies. Then you’ll be wide awake when it’s time for a roadside repair. And you’ll probably have fewer spill mishaps with other products, such as food and beverages. Sweet dreams!


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