The lasting effects of an oil spill in the San Francisco Bay

In 2007, a Cosco Busan cargo ship accident dumped tens of thousands of gallons of tarry ship fuel into the San Francisco Bay, causing lasting damage to the region’s wildlife, reports a study released on Monday, December 27, 2011, by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Herring embryos collected from the Bay’s shorelines were covered in oil as long as three months after the November 2007 leak. While officials worked long and hard to contain the oil spill, many species were unfortunately left permanently harmed.

In sensitive situations, like the oil spill in the San Francisco Bay, absorbent devices could help contain the leakage quickly and efficiently. Products, such as XSORB Oil Select Sock, XSORB Oil Select Bilge Boom and FiberDuck Oil-Only Absorbent Pads could help avoid lasting damage done to ecosystems that experience unfortunate oil spills.

Emergency officials who deploy these devices when working to contain an oil spill, are also using eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-leaching products. Furthermore, once they have been used to collect large amounts of fluid, they are safe enough to discard in a traditional manner. In any oil leak, the best supplies are needed to quickly remedy the disaster.

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