The Nature of the Universe

What is the nature of the universe? Scientists have been wrestling with this cosmic question for centuries. Too bad they never turned to us, because we have the answer: FiberLink. From Universal Premium Socks to Universal Booms, Universal Pillows to Universal Pads and Rolls, we have the universal solution for any spill clean up need, regardless of the nature of your spill.

A FiberLink Universal Sock, for instance, molds around machinery, barrels and corners to keep spills from sensitive areas such as drains or walkways as it quickly and thoroughly absorbs and retains oils, coolants, solvents, and water any spill or leak. A Universal Boom is even stronger because it’s encased in netting and you can link Booms together for extra length.

While you probably wouldn’t get much sleep using a FiberLink Universal Pillow, these super absorbents provide a long-term solution for irritating leaks, as they absorb pools of liquid. Perfect for use in tight spaces, such as under your tractor bed. Learn more about Universal Pillows in our post on Pillow Talk.

Now that you’re on a roll considering the universal nature of FiberLink spill containment and spill clean up, consider, well, Universal Rolls. A Universal Bonded Roll is an ideal spill containment resource in an industrial work environment, catching leaks, drips and spills of solvents, oil, water even acids. And while our Universal Rolls are dimpled for extra strength, they’re unlikely to smile for the camera.

FiberLink Universal Absorbent Pads come in light-, medium- and heavy weights so they’re available to meet even the toughest spill clean up demands. Since we’re an eco-minded company, we also offer Recycled FiberLink Universal Heavyweight Absorbent Pads in convenient bales of 100. Our advanced technology expands the fibers in these pads to give you more surface area for increased absorption speed and capacity. They consistently provide maximum performance, so it takes fewer pads to clean up more, helping you reduce waste, too.

There you have it: the Universal nature of smart spill clean up. Who knows, these superior products might even be effective on other worlds.

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