The Poetry of Spill Clean up

Humorist Bill Bryson’s book, I’m a Stranger Here Myself (a collection of essays written after returning to the U.S. from twenty years abroad) addresses the challenges of daily life. Bryson readily admits he is woefully inept at most of them, such as eating without decorating his clothes and the tablecloth with remnants of the meal.

His piece on New England fall foliage, however, connects most closely with Impact Absorbents. In this column he discusses how ordinary folk tend to wax rhapsodic when it comes to the colors of New England in autumn, and he writes of a certain naturalist that his typical prose is, “so dry it could be used to mop spills.”

While we applaud this highly creative use of mundane writing, we respectfully point out that even the heaviest papyrus is no match for oily, greasy, or just plain messy spills that need to be dispatched quickly, safely and efficiently. For this task, we recommend the XSORB Xpress Universal Spill Kit or one of its close cousins. And if none of these spill kits meets your requirements, we’ll happily design a custom spill kit for you.

Effective spill clean up is best left to experts like us, who’ve researched and developed state-of-the-art spill clean up solutions to keep your business humming. Granted, our spill clean up products may not inspire the purple prose of a New England autumn. But there’s a certain poetry to the way they work.

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