The source of a Colorado oil spill is finally identified

Six weeks ago, an oil slick appeared on the surface of Sand Creek, a body of water in Kiowa County, Colorado, reports Fortunately, the Colorado Department of Health (CDH) believes it has finally identified the source of the oil seep, and can take steps to make sure such a spill does not happen again.

Scientists from the Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division of the CDH believe the substance came from an underground pipe on the Suncor oil refinery property. Although the leak was reported in a timely manner, the oil still found its way to Sand Creek.

While the leak had since been isolated, officials are still concerned with the amount of cancer-causing benzene that remain in the creek. According to the news source, the remaining level of benzene in the waterway is hundreds of times higher than the drinking water standard. Sand Creek flows into the South Platte River, which is used for agricultural purposes.

Cleanup crews may want to deploy additional absorbent devices to remove any remaining oil from the Sand Creek. The XSORB Oil Select Boom is a top-of-the-line device that removes all petroleum-based products from marine environments. The boom can prevent additional runoff from occurring before the leak is completed and order is restored in Kiowa County.

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