The Spill Clean up Renaissance

Imagine if we still painted with soil-based pigments like our ancestors, instead of the watercolors and oil paints we developed more recently or even digital design, which necessitates no muss, no fuss, no actual paint at all. Wouldn’t it be archaic if we’d never evolved the ways in which we create art? It would probably also mean we’d still be riding horses or learning how to tame them!

Yet this is the way many companies still treat spill clean up: using outmoded methods to deal with the spill, instead of leading-edge technologies that leave the mop-and-bucket brigade back in the spill clean up Dark Ages.

We’d like to paint a happier picture: spill clean up and spill containment that’s as superior to paper towels, mops and buckets as graphic design is to plant pigments. In each case, knowledge of advanced materials led to a breakthrough in the medium.

XSORB leaves messy mops and wringers in the dust of yesteryear, along with dirt trails for the horse and buggy. Our Universal formula has capacity, quality, safety and extreme effectiveness as its horsepower, and using it is an art form: simply pour it on the spill, mix and sweep. Voil! Clean, pristine floors with no evidence of a recent spill incident. And it’s environmentally friendly, even as it absorbs tough spills such as hazardous chemicals, oil, syrup, solvent, liquid soap or paint. XSORB is the versatile absorbent that does the job, while saving on labor costs, boosting sales and morale.

We invite you to allow your inner artist to flourish a Spill Station with Long Broom the way digital artists demonstrate their creativity with pixels and color palettes. Welcome to the spill clean up Renaissance!

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