The “Tiny” Spill Clean Up Movement

You’ve likely heard of tiny houses. People buy them or build them from a kit, and use them as granny units, for a nomadic lifestyle (if they build a tiny house on wheels), or even as a home-away-from-home office. It’s nice to have an office separate from your home space, especially given the past three years of enforced closeness.

But what happens when you spill in your tiny house? Then you need a super fast solution. Because a spill’s a spill, and in a tiny space, it’s likely to spread, and affect more surface area more quickly, than in a regular-sized office or home.

So you’ve got to act quickly to keep those important papers or devices safe. It won’t do to say, “The tiny office ate my blueprints.” Fortunately, Impact Absorbents has the answer.

Whatever size workspace you inhabit, there’s no spill too small or too large for us to handle. That’s why we’ve grown steadily since our founding nearly 30 years ago, and just opened a new manufacturing and distribution facility in Benton, Arkansas, in order to better serve customers in the Midwest, South, and East. 

So make sure you have the necessary spill clean up solutions on hand. In a small space, our XSORB Xpress Universal Spill Kit might be just the ticket. Or hang an XSORB Spill Station with Super Squeegee Broom on your tiny house closet door. Our products are made to be effective, efficient, and easy to store, even in small spaces. 

Even if it’s a tiny workspace you call your own, we have the spill clean up solutions you need to keep it safe, dry, and sparkling. Yep, your floor looks perfect again. Now go land that new account.

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