Tips for the Water-Wise

After the flood season that much of California experienced in the winter of 2019, this past winter was more like spring, with temperatures in the 70s and barely a drop of rain in sight.

While this was enjoyable in terms of time spent outdoors rather than sipping hot cocoa by the fire, the ensuing drought in California and other parts of the country poses problems as we move into actual spring, to be followed by summer, seasons when having enough water is especially critical. 

For home services professionals as well as those who work in machine and auto shops, being water-wise as you go about roofing, landscaping, vehicle repair, etc. is important. Here are some spill containment and spill clean up solutions you can use to keep our water safe as you run your business:

  • Fiberlink Universal Booms. An excellent environmental protector, Fiberlink Booms will soak up any spill or leak and keep it from spreading. Designed to block running liquids from sensitive areas such as drains or walkways, our spill containment Booms are constructed with rope along their 10-foot side to add strength for use and recovery. You can also link Booms together to increase length. Booms are encased in netting for strength, and mold easily around machinery or barrels.
  • Woodstakes are an ideal way to anchor erosion control Booms. Woodstakes and sod staples allow your erosion control products, such as Fiberlink Universal Booms, to be more effective — and also help you meet Best Management Practices.
  • FiberDuck Oil Only Economy Kit. Protect yourself first with the personal protection gear included in this Kit, then use this basic spill response solution to clean up oil-based spills on the spot — easily, effectively, and economically. They’re designed to work in your place of business or on the road: our Kits fit easily under or behind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state law.

These are just a few of the 500-plus products Impact Absorbents has developed to preserve and protect our water, land and businesses from spills and environmental disasters.

Stay water-wise and safe this spring!

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