Track and Field: Preventing the Uh-Oh

It’s spring, and that means outdoor sports. Track and field events are popular among schoolchildren and adults alike. And when people come in off the field, they often track in all kinds of mud and grass.

Of course, one kind of “track” is a bit dirtier than the others: the racetrack. Oils spills, transmission fluid, hydraulic spills, lubricants, gasoline, you name it: spills like these can really mess up your day, not to mention your raceway. Which is why XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent might be subtitled, “the racer’s edge.”

Oil? Grease? Windy day? No problem! XSORB Outdoor’s all-purpose, non-toxic and environmentally friendly dry clean up absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact and the heavier formula stays down even in a strong breeze. Pound for pound, XSORB Outdoor absorbs six times more than clay, saving labor time and money, not to mention your health, because unlike clay, our product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Perhaps you want to prepare for racing season with the whole kit and kaboodle: an XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Spill Response Kit. Each kit contains ten spill clean up and spill containment components in a 65-gallon overpack drum:

1. XSORB Outdoor Absorbent 25-lb. bag

2. 10 FiberLink Universal Sorbent Socks measuring 3″ x 4′

3. 6 FiberLink Universal Sorbent Socks measuring 3″ x 10′

4. 50 FiberLink heavyweight Sorbent Pads

5. 15 temporary disposal bags

6. 10 hazmat labels

7. 2 pairs Nitrile Gloves

8. 2 pairs of Vented Splash Goggles

9. 2 dustmasks

10. An Emergency Response Guidebook

When it’s time to hit the track, keep your mind on the race and not on what might happen. Because as long as you’ve got Impact Absorbents in your corner, you’re a guaranteed winner on the spill clean up circuit.



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