Tracking the Trackers

We live in an era when everything is tracked: what websites we visit, what we eat, where we go, how much we sleep or exercise. While most of this tracking is helpful — food and fitness trackers can keep us healthier, and location trackers let parents know when their kids veer off course — there’s one kind of tracking that’s not helpful at all: mud.

When someone, or quite a number of someones, tracks mud and debris into your place of business, it creates a messy, potentially dangerous scenario that even the best app can’t help. Fortunately, Impact Absorbents isn’t an app, but a premier spill clean up solutions company. And we’ve been tracking — and resolving — such nasty instances of tracking for more than 30 years.

One of the best ways to track the mud and debris you need to keep out of your walkways and entranceways is with Spill Hero Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent, our non-toxic, environmentally friendly absorbent that stays down even in slightly windy conditions. Whether the spill is oil, grease, paint, or just muddy shoe deposits, we can track it and eliminate it.

Spill Hero Outdoor is one of many Impact Absorbents products that have received Ecologo certification from UL. Ecologo criteria identifies the top environmental performers on the market that have demonstrated an overall reduced potential environmental burden, with a focus on toxicity to human, aquatic and mammalian life, noxious emissions to water, and packaging.

Did a debris tracker happen to emit some, um, noxious vapors? We’ve got you covered there, too, with XSORB Plus Encapsulator with Disinfectant, another ECOLOGO Certified product that absorbs even tough spills such as blood and other biologically hazardous waste, while treating the spill with a powerful disinfecting agent.

When spring thaws bring an unwelcome mess to your door, driveway or entranceway, reach for the Spill Hero solution that will vanquish whatever’s been tracked in. Oh, and if you want to prevent some unwelcome tracking on your device? Try disabling Location. You’re welcome.

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