Tree-mendous Protection

There’s a high-pitched whine outside on these spring days. No, it’s not a dog that needs to be let inside, but arborists trimming dead and dying tree branches so they don’t accidentally destroy the office or home in their path. This is a good thing. What’s not so good is the incessant noise or the hazard involved in getting up close and personal with incredibly large, incredibly heavy wooden structures that dwarf humans in both stature and longevity.

Fortunately, Impact Absorbents offers an array of protective gear that’s useful for spill containment, spill clean up, and other areas of municipal service, such as tree trimming.

Some of the more basic protective gear we offer includes splash goggles (with lenses that provide 99% protection against harmful UV rays), a standard dustmask, and PowerGrab Gloves, which have an ergonomically shaped finger pattern, latex rubber-coated palm and finger tips, and a fully coated thumb, all providing a superior “crinkle” grip perfect in dry or wet conditions such as trimming trees limbs after a spring dousing.

Of course, we also provide full body protection, from Tyvek Coveralls to Tychem TK 650 Level A Rear Entry Suits, fully encapsulated vapor-protective suits designed for coming into contact with toxic, corrosive gases, liquids and solid chemicals. Probably a trifle excessive for trimming treesunless they’re next to a chemical factory or in the midst of a pesticide-laden orchard.

If you’re not the arborist, but are attempting to work in a building adjacent to the pruning, we suggest investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones

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