Trick or Treat? Keep it Sweet

Halloween is on the horizon, and children everywhere are looking forward to days of making classroom decorations and a night of going door to door dressed as ghouls and action figures, demanding candy or consequences. (Well, perhaps that’s a trifle dramatic, though only in the spirit, or spirits, of the occasion).

However, there’s nothing funny about vomit on the table or a broken arm when someone slips on water sloshed to the floor while bobbing for apples. Fortunately, there’s also no trick to spill clean up with Impact Absorbents.

To keep Halloween sweet beyond the candy, keep a canister of Biofresh Disinfecting Super Absorbent on hand both at school and at home, to easily and effectively deal with biohazardous spills such as vomit, blood or other bodily fluids. Biofresh is a specially engineered encapsulator designed to instantly contain, absorb, and disinfect liquids on contact, turning contaminated liquid waste into solid waste for fast and easy disposal. Of course, it’s completely safe to use.

If your classroom or household is hosting a Halloween party that includes water-based games such as bobbing for apples, make sure to have an XSORB Spill Station with Squeegee on hand. It contains all the items you’ll need to keep the kids and adults safe, clean and dry when water gets on the floor, as it inevitably will. Our trademark granular XSORB Spill Clean-up Absorbent will leave your floors clean, dry and residue-free in a matter of minutes, especially when used with the squeegee broom. And if any glass should get broken in the bargain, our Spill Kit is a safe way to handle that mess as well.

So get into the spirit of the holiday and create costumes that will have everyone snapping your kids’ picture with their smartphones. Regardless of whatever mischief they may get up to on Halloween (or in general, as children have a tendency to do), your spill clean up needs are covered.

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