Triple-dip La Nina: It’s Going to be a Cold, Wet Winter

Sometimes dipping is good, such as with ice cream: a triple-dip cone might allow a child to enjoy his or her favorite flavors all together, assuming the youngster can eat the entire delight before it melts. 

But bring Mother Nature into the mix, and an unfortunate outcome is a lot more severe than ice cream on one’s clothes. She’s serving up a “triple-dip” La Niña, which means that for the third consecutive winter, we’ll experience cooler than average Pacific Ocean temperatures — and a lot of cold and snow in the Northwest. The South, by contrast, will be unusually dry, and the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states will see warmer than average temperatures all winter, according to the NOAA.

After an extended drought and record-breaking heat waves, this is not exactly the weather forecast we’d hoped for. It’s enough to make you reach for an ice cream cone.

While we understand how frustrating climate changes can be, we suggest reaching for a different kind of cone in preparation for those slippery, wet winter days ahead: a Pocket Safety Cone. These cones won’t melt in any weather, and will instead act as your first line of defense in a potential slip and fall situation, marking off the wet area and acting as a beacon of avoidance with their bright orange color. They’re a smart item to keep handy on any shop or retail floor where spills can happen.

Then reach for one of our XSORB Universal Spill Kits, which contain all the equipment and absorbents necessary for quick, easy, effective spill clean up. They’re available in sizes from convenient economy kits for easy storage, up to 95-gallon lab pack kits.

Let’s envision a less-hot summer next year, when we may perhaps enjoy triple-dip ice cream cones without worrying they’ll melt as soon as someone hands them to us. And let’s each continue to do our part to live more sustainably every day, so our planet can begin to get her climate back on a more even keel.

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