Truckin’: Food Trucks Are a Moveable Feast!

Have you noticed the proliferation of food trucks that don’t just serve greasy hot dogs and burgers, but state-of-the-palate cuisine? Over the past decade, as we’ve become a mobile-first world, eating has followed suit. Food trucks have exploded in popularity, turning the lyrics of an old Grateful Dead tune into something more akin to, “Truckin’, got my stir-fry on”

Spurred by social media, particularly Twitter, food trucks are the millennium version of fast food (often created by Millennials), according to an article in National Geographic. Upscale, branded and mobile to serve the hungry hordes who queue up for a meal, food trucks now sport the kind of wait lines once reserved for the hottest clubs. However, all this mobile food can also spell s-p-i-l-l-s, both in the moveable kitchen and among patrons.

Which is where XSORB comes in.

Even a compact cooking area will be able to store an XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom, which will keep food truck floors clean, dry and residue-free. If a food truck chef decides to purchase just the 6-quart bottle of XSORB Universal Spill Clean-up, his or her food truck will still be in good shape when mishaps occur: our non-toxic, environmentally friendly dry formula absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids on contact, making it easy to simply sweep away spills. A mobile restaurant won’t lose any time or money, because even oil, grease, syrup and sugary liquids are quickly and easily vanquished. And, of course, XSORB Universal is FDA approved for use around food.

Whether you own an eatery on wheels, plan to create one, or love to frequent your favorite food truck for quick, delicious meals when your app posts the daily specials, know that XSORB is there behind the scenes, keeping your moveable feast clean, healthy and serving, while barely breaking stride for spill clean up.

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