Unknown chemical disrupts traffic on I-10 near Cabazon

A chemical leak in Cabazon, California, temporarily closed Interstate 10 ramps and forced the evacuation of a nearby Shell gas station on April 2, 2012, The Desert Sun reports.

The spill occurred at a truck stop where several dinosaur statues are placed. The accident report notes two trucks, including an oversized big rig, crashed, causing the spill. Water may have been the culprit behind the spill, but Riverside County Fire officials and a Hazmat team were called in to investigate the solution, according to the news source.

The California Highway Patrol closed the entrances and exits at Main and Seminole streets in both directions. The roadway was reopened later in the afternoon.

No one was hurt, and cleanup crews tended to the spill accordingly.

In sensitive situations where caustic chemicals are believed to have leaked onto roadways, it is essential that Hazmat crews clean up the mess effectively. Many solutions can create slick surfaces, so having the necessary absorbent devices to resolve any leak is important.

Hazmat officials may want to consider keeping XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent Bags on hand, as the product can quickly and efficiently soak up a variety of liquid solutions that may pose safety threats to the public.

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