Unmarketable: Wet Floors in a Busy Store

You’ve survived the holidays. Congratulations. Now it’s time to restock those shelves and power up 2023. You have a new marketing campaign ready to roll out that’s sure to bring in the customers.

It’s also winter, which in most places means wet. Perhaps icy. Muddy. Cold.

All of which translates into potential spills waiting to happen. Someone could end up sprawled in a wet mess, or worse, injured. This is not good for your marketing campaign, or brand image.

However, if you’ve got Spill Hero at the ready, you’re prepared. We have an incredible array of spill clean up solutions that vanquish any spill faster than you can say, “SuperHero.” Hence our name, and cute little caped crusader logo.

One ideal spill solution for retail stores, grocery stores and restaurants is a Spill Hero Spill Station, which contains everything you need to effectively, efficiently, and economically clean up a spill in record time.

Custom made to hold our granular Spill Hero Spill Clean Up Absorbent, the Spill Hero Spill Station will leave your floors clean, dry and residue free in a matter of minutes. All the clean up items you need are easily accessible. The Spill Station includes a rack, dustpan and brush set, disposal bags, the Spill Hero 6-quart bottle, and a Squeegee Broom.

This spill solution will:

  • Reduce slip and fall injuries.
  • Cut labor costs up to 70%.
  • Open aisles in record time.
  • Be easily available, attached to a wall or aisle column.

And that’s just one spill solution. We have 499 more to choose among.

So keep your marketing plan, customers and staff safer this winter, with Spill Hero spill clean up products on hand to quickly address those wet days and in-store mishaps. We’re here behind the scenes, like a silent partner, helping to make your business as marketable as your campaign intends it to be.

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