Urban Legends: How to Keep Your Municipality Storm-Safe

Government workers are the Rodney Dangerfield of employees: they “don’t get no respect.” Keeping the city or county running smoothly may be a thankless task, but the community will be grateful municipal staff trains a watchful eye on water safety as we head into storm season.

When it comes to protecting our curbs and gutters from toxic run-off, Impact’s Ultra-DrainGuard and Ultra-GutterGuard are a municipal manager’s best friend, preventing sediment, debris and other spill contaminants from seeping into the water system. Stormwater pollution is a major concern, both locally and on a national level. Ultra-DrainGuard’s catch basin inserts remove waste from stormwater before it can become a problem. Ultra-DrainGuard works exceptionally well, exceeding 80 percent sediment removal efficiency. Impact continues our emphasis on environmentally compatible products with Ultra-DrainGuard Recycled, and our commitment to purity with Ultra-DrainGuard Ultimate. DrainGuard Ultimate offers the same hydrocarbon and sediment removal capabilities as Ultra-DrainGuard, with additional bacteria-reducing properties: strips of antimicrobial coated X-TEX “tentacles” that hang from the bottom of the DrainGuard and neutralize destructive bacteria once they’re immersed in standing catch basin water. Ultra-GutterGuard is a similarly strong stormwater resource. Ultra-GutterGuard features built-in overflow ports that allow water to pass through during major rainfalls while keeping debris safely away from curb inlets. Made from recycled synthetic fibers, GutterGuard is available in several lengths and should be ordered two feet longer than the curb opening. It’s the easy, inexpensive Best Management Practice (BMP) for protecting curb inlets during construction: fast, simple installation no stakes, weights or hardware required. And it’s reusable, making Ultra-GutterGuard the ultimate environmental spill solution.

 So as the weather begins to change, we can be glad our municipalities have the matter well in hand. Speaking of which, this might be a fine time to give the next government worker you meet a round of applause. Because these urban legends are definitely not apocryphal.

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