Wales launches flood and erosion reduction strategy

The government of Wales is taking a pro-active approach when it comes to potentially devastating coastal erosion, launching an aggressive strategy aimed at protecting hundreds of homes and businesses.

BBC reports that Environmental Minister John Griffths has announced plans to spend millions of dollars to raise awareness of potential dangers, improve response times in event of a disaster and prioritize investment in the areas at most risk.

According to Welsh government officials, one in six properties in Wales is at risk of flooding and erosion from rivers, the sea or surface water. A number of top products from Impact Absorbents, including Silt Fencing and Straw Wattle, can help reduce the effects of erosion caused by flood waters.

Griffiths debuted the initiative after a rock fall at Porthkerry earlier this month left 15 trailers dangerously teetering on the edge of the cliff near Barry.

Dr. Helen Reeves, a senior engineering geologist with the British Geological Survey (BGS), told the news agency that with more than 180 landslides around Wales already recorded, future problems are difficult to predict.

“It’s a natural process and it’s very difficult to stop but there are ways we can mitigate against it and there are certain engineering solutions that you can put in place,” Reeves added.

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