Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink

Jackson, Mississippi was under siege in September, as a series of torrential rains flooded the city’s water treatment facility, rendering the water unpotable.

In the rule of three, this defines a crisis: it’s generally accepted wisdom that we can live about three minutes minus air, three days without water, and about three weeks without food, depending on one’s health and other circumstances. But drinking water definitely ranks as vital to sustain life.

Yet even before the climate crisis-induced flooding, Jackson’s antiquated pipes and water mains needed to be replaced, say experts. And that’s a costly proposition.

Here at Impact, we understand how essential water is to any community’s survival, and the life support it provides not only for humans, but for the marine life that calls the sea home. And while we can’t prevent acts of nature or replace outdated water supply systems, we can offer a wealth of spill clean up and spill containment solutions o keep oil out of our waterways.

If you spend any time on the water, for business or pleasure, consider some of these oil spill answers:

  • XSORB Oil Select Bilge Boom. Removes contaminated oil from the boat’s bilge, leaving only clean water behind. Our bilges are:
    • Approved for oil spill clean up in the marine environment
    • Licensed as an oil-spill cleanup agent by California Department of Fish and Game.
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
    • Encased with rope, netting and hooks for easy removal and attachment.
    • Able to absorb four times their weight, up to 3 quarts.
  • FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Pads. Designed to absorb oil while repelling water in either the work environment or on water, they’re perfect for marine spills. Our pads:
    • Float as they absorb. 
    • Are brilliant white to be easily seen on water. 
    • Are available in three weights.
  • XSORB Oil Select Super Absorbent. Safely absorb all petroleum-based products in the marine environment, including waterways, holding ponds, contaminated barrels, sumps, and more, leaving only clean water behind. XSORB Oil Select is one many Impact Absorbents products that have received Ecologo certification from UL, which identifies the top overall environmental performers on the market in terms of toxicity to human, aquatic and mammalian life, noxious emissions to water; and packaging. XSORB Oil Select is:
    • Licensed as an oil spill cleanup agent by California Deptartment of Fish and Game.
    • Non-toxic and safe for the environment,
    • Able to absorb four times its weight.

We wish the residents of Jackson a speedy return to a fully accessible clean water supply. It’s up to each of us to do what we can to keep our precious life-sustaining resource renewable, and user-friendly.

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