We Want to “Dish” About Spill Clean Up

Have you heard of the latest dishwasher? It’s an AI-enabled dishwashing device marketed as being a solution “for every home & office.

Dishcare eliminates the arduous task of actually having to rinse and load dirty dishes into the dishwasher, saving seconds, if not minutes of time daily, that can be put to better use texting. Um, sorry, we mean, posting to Twitter. Or LinkedIn. Answering customer inquiries? Regardless, their point is clear: let us do the dirty work for you.

Now, as a company that makes and sells spill clean up and spill containment solutions, we applaud anyone else out there in the clean up solutions space. But does this robot-powered dirt detection and targeted cleaning system really replace a human’s ability to scrape that congealed mess off the plate and rinse it before loading it into the dishwasher? 

Perhaps. Certainly, if the “dishwasher” in your home or place of business has two hands rather than two racks and a robotic arm, this solution will be most welcome. And we look forward to the day robots can handle the spill clean up events that still require human intervention.

That’s why we’ve sought to make spill clean up as painless as possible. In lieu of paper towels, buckets, mops, and a general mess, Impact Absorbents offers more than 500 spill clean up solutions to leave your floors clean, dry, and residue free in a jiffy, from our flagship XSORB Universal Super Absorbent to a wide variety of Spill Kits, Spill Stations, and specialized products to handle grease, paint, and oil and marine spills and leaks.

We love how technology is helping to build a more efficient and effective world in so many areas. And where humans are still required, such as with spill clean up, we’re glad to be able to contribute cutting edge solutions that work.


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