Weather erodes Fort Myers Beach

The heavy rainfall experienced by Fort Myers Beach in October caused it to erode. The beach received 13 inches of rainfall during the month, according to television station NBC2. This means the area got more rain than any other part of the county.

This volatile weather has created piles of dunes where uniform sand used to exist, the media outlet reports. Lee County officials have various options for combating the sand, including bringing more sand in via trucks, tilling the sand to alter the slope of the beach and waiting for the sand to wash back to normal on its own.

The county is now involved in a re-nourishment project, which involves transporting a layer of sand to Bowditch Point from the pier north, according to the media outlet.

Robert Neal, who works with Lee County Natural Resources, says that October’s storms provide evidence of the need that Fort Myers Beach has for preventing bad erosion through the project, the media outlet reports. County officials fighting beach erosion like this can mitigate the effect of volatile weather by using top products from Impact Absorbents such as the Straw Wattle for Erosion Control.  

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