What Color Is Clean?

In an increasingly scented world, we’ve come to equate “clean” with a chemical odor. Yet just a generation ago, people cleaned entire houses or businesses with products one could also ingest, such as baking soda and vinegar (the acidity kills germs). At Impact Absorbents, we’ve updated this time-tested wisdom, keeping our spill cleanup and spill containment solutions both effective and green.

Yet even if your spill cleanup products are green, color is important: it lets customers and clients know what your business does, and creates a brand message that affects purchase decisions.

Pastels, for instance, are calming. That’s why hospitals generally paint the walls nondescript yellow or pale green. Babies’ clothing usually comes in sweet pastel colors because pastels also impart a fresh, growing energy. Children’s toys, by contrast, are often created in bold primary colors: vibrant reds, blues and yellows designed to grab and hold the attention of young children.

Every color has multiple associations that also vary culturally. Here are some examples of color connotations:

Red _ love, enthusiasm, action

Orange _ warmth, energy, fun, flamboyance

Yellow _ mentally stimulating, memory activating, optimism

Green _ peace, relaxing, renewal, harmony, abundance

Blue _ trustworthy, dependable, committed, calming

Purple _ uplifting, spiritual, royal, creative

Brown _ organic, earthy, natural, order, stability

Black _ authoritative, powerful, sophisticated, mysterious

White _ purity, neutrality, cleanliness, mental clarity, fresh beginnings

Gray _ timeless, practical, solid, expectant

Gold _ prestige, expensive, warm, powerful, masculine

Silver _ cool, scientific, prestigious, feminine

What colors will work best for your business? It depends on the type of product or service you provide, and your target audience. For instance, a toy store, as mentioned, will tend to carry brightly colored merchandise although more restrained color choices might be better for marketing materials, since the target market for purchase is adults.

High contrast colors such as yellow and blue, yellow and black, or blue and red work best on logos and products, which is why Impact Absorbents favors them for many of our most popular products, such as XSORB Universal Spill Cleanup, XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent and XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener. Of course, some products such as safety cones and FiberLink Universal absorbent socks are their own color alerts, signaling spills in vivid HazMat Yellow and Caution Orange.

So whether your business’s colors run to regal purple, sophisticated black or enthusiastic red, you can depend on Impact Absorbents to keep it clean and green with the colors and eco sensibility you depend on for smart spill containment and spill cleanup, every time.


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