What do you see in the sheen?

Is it a peacock?  A Face?  Maybe a tie-dye shirt? If you’ve ever seen oil and water mix, you’ve probably seen an oil sheen similar to this one.  Have you ever wondered what causes it? Oil on top of water will settle as a thin layer. The thickness of the layer will, due to an optical phenomena called interference, cause the thin layer to shimmer in different colors.

You’ve probably seen a more than usual amount of these pictures lately due the oil spill in the gulf.  Unfortunately these sheens are spreading for hundreds of miles. The absorbents currently being used absorb the oil and sludge in the water, but leave behind the most visible evidence of a spill, the oily sheen.  Impact’s Bi-Booms absorbs oil, but also remove the sheen often left behind. This new product, called the XSORB Select Bi-Boom, consists of two three inch XSORB-Select-filled absorbent socks contained by nylon netting, rope and clips for easy handling.

 As the crisis in the Gulf continues, our best wishes and prayers go out to all those affected by this disaster.  We at Impact are dedicated to aiding in cleanup efforts and are a proud producer of Oil Booms. For more information please visit our website at Spill Hero or call us toll free at  (800)-339-7672.

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