What makes XSORB environmentally friendly? -Part 1

XSORB is by far the best absorbent on the market today. However, in the society we live in, that is not always enough. Most people are more and more concerned about the environment, and rightly so. For example, for every eight plastic bottles manufactured, only one is recycled. It is widely recognized that we are filling up our landfills at a rate that is not sustainable. For that reason, “green” recommendations urge us to protect our environment by reducing waste stored in our landfills. Being keenly aware of this, Impact’s design team looked into this problem of excessive waste generation and found one helpful solution. Through observation, research and development, they were able to recycle a waste product and produce a clean, environmentally safe, number one best seller. In the almost 20 years that the XSORB Super Absorbents have been produced, Impact Absorbents has prevented thousands of truckloads of material from entering our landfills.

Xsorb Spill Cleanup

And as if that wasn’t remarkable enough, there are even more reasons that XSORB is the best eco-friendly absorbent!  Stay tuned for more.

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