What makes XSORB environmentally friendly? -Part 2

Previously we discussed that one of the reasons why XSORB is so environmentally friendly is because it re-purposes a product previously bound for the landfills.  So are there any other reasons?  Of course there are! One of the most important reasons is based on the physical attributes of XSORB.  When XSORB picks up a liquid, it actually absorbs it. It is able to do this because each XSORB particle has many internal holes with extremely high surface tension that draw the liquid in and hold it.  So now the liquid is contained within the structure of the XSORB particle.  And here it will stay.  Testing has proved that XSORB is, by nature, non-leaching. That means that liquid will be held by XSORB indefinitely. With other sorbents, sorbents that adsorb, the liquid merely coats the particle and eventually washes off or becomes separated from the sorbent.  Sometimes that’s not a big deal.  But if you’re cleaning up anything hazardous, you want to make sure that if you’re cleaning up one spill, you’re not creating a new one later on.  That’s what can happen with other sorbents.

Xsorb Spill Cleanup Products

 XSORB protects our soil and our groundwater by never letting go.  So when choosing a spill cleanup method, make sure you choose one that works well, but is also environmentally friendly.

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