What Season Is This?

Climate change deniers may believe global warming is a hoax, but those of us who experienced temperatures above 80º in February (in northern California) beg to differ. We’re not complaining; we’re loving this weather! Though it means we may face drought conditions by summer.

Now, if you happen to live in a snowy climate where winter behaved as it’s supposed to, spring will herald a welcome warming trend. But it can also invite slippery conditions, as snowmelt and spring rains combine to make mud, which is then tracked onto waxed floors in offices, restaurants, grocery stores, and other places of business. 

Fortunately, even while Impact Absorbents has been enjoying the unseasonable winter weather, we’ve continued developing and producing the premier spill clean up products you need to stay safe, in any kind of meteorological conditions.

One spill solution for those slippery floors is the Super Squeeper, a broom like no other. One side of the XSORB Super Squeeper pulls spills into a central location, while the rubber bristles on the other side get down deep into the spill for quick clean up. Even better: these brooms last three times as long as bristled brooms, and can be washed and reused regularly. That’s what we mean by economical as well as effective!

While you’re transforming wet floors into a dry, clean, and safe space in no time, place a Pocket Safety Cone near the area to alert store, office, or restaurant visitors and employees to sidestep the spill. The bright orange color is a beacon to keep people safe. And our cones fit easily into the pocket of your smock or apron so they can be deployed quickly.

So as you put a spring in your step and exchange sturdy boots for lighter footwear, know that if any fluids can’t contain themselves, Impact Absorbents will be at the ready to handle the spill clean up quickly, no matter what season the calendar says it is.

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