What Social Media Can Teach Us About Spill Containment

You may be thinking. “This is not a fit. Social media is digital by nature. Spill clean up is analog.” (Although if you spill coffee on your device, that would muddy the boundaries a bit…).

But social media can teach you a lot about how to better run your business. To wit:

  • Everyone’s an influencer. We sure get this, which is why we’re constantly adding new products to the premium spill clean up and spill containment solutions we offer, to help make each customer we serve better able to vanquish those spill surprises quickly, easily and economically, with environmentally friendly products that leave floors clean, dry, and sparkling in moments, so you don’t lose business. You never know who someone knows, or when a positive review will bring in a huge new account. It’s like getting a thousand Likes or Followers. Sort of.
  • Have a crisis plan. Yes, every business needs one. At Impact Absorbents, we embrace the importance of having a SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure) Plan wholeheartedly. When it comes to keeping your business and employees safe, and SPCC is your ticket handling the emergency professionally and safely. To help you get started formulating your Plan, here’s the EPA’s SPCC Regulation: A facility owner/operator’s guide to oil pollution prevention.
  • Update your page or delete it. Just as we know all customers are Influencers, we regularly update and upgrade our product line — and our digital presence. You may have noticed how our original XSORB website became com in 2019 — a new umbrella that more fully contains, you might say, all of our spill and safety products and services. Plus, we just fell in love with the caped crusader logo. 
  • Don’t make people do x,y, then z. Stick with x. That’s the Impact Absorbents philosophy in a nutshell, too: instead of trotting out the mop, paper towels, buckets, etc., and making the spill a huge undertaking, simply keep a bottle of XSORB Universalor a Spill Kit in the handiest location(s) for your business. When a spill happens, you’ll be able to handle it so efficiently your customers may not even notice.


Enjoy your time both online and in the analog world. They both have a lot to offer.

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