When paper towels just won’t do.

I’m a dog lover, as people refer to it.  Right now I have three big dogs that run…oh, I mean live at…. my house. We have lots of fun but as every pet owner knows – with animals come messes.  Most of the time the mess is pretty manageable, but occasionally there comes a clean-up job that just stops you in your tracks.  You don’t want to touch it, smell it, or be anywhere near it. Recently when my black lab threw up on my hardwood floor over about a 3 square ft area, I knew I had to get it up quickly before it ruined the finish.  I ran to the laundry room and breathed a quick sigh of relief when I saw my bottle of XSORB, dry clean-up for spills, was still there.  I grabbed the XSORB, a dustpan & brush, and the trash can and went to tackle the mess. I’ll spare you the details, but I can say the cleanup was so much easier and faster than trying to use paper towels.  Plus I didn’t even have to touch the mess.  Now that is a product worth having around! 

Xsorb 2 Liter Spill Cleanup

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