When The Build Up Needs Clean Up

We recently watched a heartwarming six-part series on The Ellen Show calledThe Build Up, in which two design and construction experts help transform a Baltimore community, paying it forward for two young men who are giving back at a local high school.

This was a very worthy project. A deserving school received a brand-new music room. The Community Center got a facelift and a spanking-new food truck that would enable them to feed those in the neighborhood for free two days a week. Everyone was so grateful. The videos brought tears to our eyes.

But not just because of the generosity.

As spill clean up and spill containment experts, our eyes were focused on all that paint as new outdoor murals emerged. And what about all the painting and renovation that dynamic construction duo did in the young men’s new apartment? Or at the high school? The videos didn’t show any mess, just before and pristinely after.

We know there was more.

So while they didn’t call upon Impact Absorbents, we want you to know that if you’re planning a design and reconstruction project, whether as a pro bono neighborhood gig or for a client, we’ve got your back for the spills that inevitably occur.

For paint, you can’t beatXSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener.Non-toxic and eco-friendly, Rock Solid is the best option for quick, easy and safe clean up and disposal of all latex and acrylic paints. Landfills won’t accept paint in liquid form. Just add Rock Solid to leftover paint, shake or stir, and watch as paint thickens into a disposable solid within minutes.

If you’re clearing out an old shipping container, like the two experts in the Ellen project, and the supplies you hope to find inside turn out to be junk, you might need a20 Gallon Savage Drum w/ Metal Band. This high-density polyethylene salvage drum is perfect for the storage, transportation, clean up and spill containment of small containers.

Whatever you’re building up, remember to prepare for what needs tearing down as well. That extra degree of attention to detail is sure to build you up in their eyes.

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