When the Planet Experiences Hot Flashes

With the weather we’ve been having this past summer, many people have experienced hot flashes, regardless of gender: feeling so hot under the collar we craved air conditioned rooms.

But when Mother Earth has hot flashes, it means the “air conditioning” is broken. The warming trend is a result of a diminishing ozone layer, which means the rays from Ol’ Sol are burning too brightly — for our skin and sensibilities, and for the planet’s well being.

The Union of Concerned Scientists has issued a warning about killer heat, climate choices, and the future of dangerously hot days. It’s accurate to say global warming is our global warning. And all the fossil fuel use is only fueling our drive to become fossils faster.

Aphorisms aside, at Impact Absorbents we take this issue to heart. As an ecologically oriented spill containment and spill clean up company, we understand the impact of our individual and collective carbon footprint on the environment, and know that when it comes to creating a more sustainable world, we’ve got big shoes to fill. (We couldn’t resist the metaphor.)

And we live up our commitment. Not only do our spill clean up solutions help protect our waterways from oil spills, and our hillsides from run-off and water pollution — we even offer recycled spill clean up and spill containment products to keep your business doubly green!

Here are just a few to consider:

So don’t let the heat beat you down. We’re all working together towards a more eco-friendly future. In the meantime, for those planetary hot flashes? We recommend sunscreen, and a really good hat.

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