When The Rules Change

You’re probably familiar with the five-second rule, an amusing food hygiene fiction that says if you pick up that strawberry or piece of cake you just dropped tout de suite— as in, immediately — it’s safe to eat because it isn’t contaminated yet. Some people who actually do know better use the five-second rule as leeway to ingest what they really ought to toss, now that it’s been dropped on the floor or street. 

In 2020, we’ve added the 20-second rule: how long you should wash your hands to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Helpful sources say if you sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice through, that’s sufficient hand-washing time.

And, of course, we need to follow the six-feet-apart rule for social distancing. How can we measure six feet without a handy yardstick? Some of the examples we’ve found online include imagining the width of a moose’s antlers (something we know you think about every day), a door lying flat on the ground, a high school locker, and two Golden Retrievers standing nose to tail. Mmhm. 

Life certainly has become complicated now that there are all these new rules to live by. Fortunately, one thing that remains unchanged is how effective, efficient, ecological and economical our spill clean up solutions are for your home and business needs. 

For instance, XSORB Plus Super Encapsulator. Super Encapsulator absorbs tough spills such as motor oil, grease, bleach, cooking oil, and syrup, as well as industrial spills such as emulsified oils, biologically hazardous waste, toxic wastewater, and hazardous materials. We don’t think you’ll be wanting to attempt to eat any of these products, especially once they’ve landed on the floor (not even the syrup). So let’s get rid of the mess: 

XSORB Super Encapsulator instantly contains and absorbs liquids on contact, turning difficult liquid waste into solid waste for easier disposal. You simply sweep the spill away, leaving surfaces spotless. It’s an excellent spill solution for grocery and chain stores, tire and lube centers, as well as industrial, and commercial businesses, to have on hand. And yes, households, too.

You never know when a moose might make an appearance to help his human brethren stay healthy. Nature is unpredictable.

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