When Your Rubber Soul Meets the Road

While we’re pretty sure the title of the Beatles’ sixth studio album, Rubber Soul, doesn’t refer to car culture, the words aptly describe summer in California (and elsewhere) — especially post-pandemic. People are burning up the asphalt, eager to be on the road again, with no direction home. Those last few words are about a Dylan documentary. We’re just filled with musical metaphors today, and we’re not even listening to music (or driving) right now. The desire to put pedal to the metal is simply innate in the summer months.

And what does this mean for the roadways? This is where the rubber meets the road (sorry … we just can’t help it …). If there’s an oil spill, a gas leak, or other transportation emergency while you’re en route to wherever, it pays to be prepared. Particularly if you’re driving the company van or truck, and need to get the delivery there on time.

At Impact Absorbents, we appreciate wanting to be on the road, and also safe and ready when it comes to emergencies. That’s why we’ve developed spill containment and spill clean up products to keep you roadworthy.

It takes a lot of fluid to remain a road warrior: oil, gas, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolants, solvents — and they each present a challenge when spilled.

First off, be proactive, by keeping your fuel tank healthy. Our Safe Solutions Fuel Tank Desiccant Breather removes moisture, dirt particles and other contaminants from air entering the storage tanks, preventing corrosion and chemical reactions by cleaning and drying the air. This minimizes your maintenance costs. 

Next, make sure you have one (or more) of our portable Spill Containment Berms tucked behind the truck seat or in the cab, ready to catch unexpected leaks and spills. They come in four convenient sizes, with a spill containment capacity ranging from 15 to 94 gallons, so you’ll be prepared no matter what size rig you’re driving.

Third, store a 6-quart bottle of XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent to solidify and sweep away that oil or gas spill, or unexpected grease. The heavier formula stays down even in slightly windy conditions.

Need an even stronger solution for your transportation mishap? XSORB Edge is an aggressive absorbent that safely cleans up the toughest spills in a hurry. Asphalt and concrete surfaces will be clean and dry, not slippery. And the dark gray color blends with surroundings, with no visible white residue. It makes spill clean up a snap!

Finally, there are also numerous poly sorbent pads and rolls formulated for transportation spill containment, such as FiberLink Universal Absorbent Split Rolls, and Recycled FiberDuck Oil-Only Heavyweight Absorbent Pads— which not only keep you spill safe, but environmentally friendly, too.

So wherever your rubber soul takes you this summer, for work or for pleasure, be sure you have the Spill Hero solutions you might need on hand before you set foot — um, we mean wheels — on the road, again. Grab those classic tunes before you depart, too. There’s nothing like a little Rubber Soul to sweeten your drive time.

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