Wind storm delays oil spill cleanup in New Jersey

Heavy winds blew away New Jersey officials’ chances to complete an environmental cleanup on February 25, 2012, WPVI Philadelphia reports. Authorities anticipated cleanup efforts would be completed after 6.3 million gallons of crude oil spilled from a Paulsboro, New Jersey refinery two days earlier. However, rain and wind made it difficult for officials to repair the area.

Officials emphasized the oil spill released fumes that were non-toxic but could irritate residents’ eyes and breathing, according to WPVI Philadelphia. As a result, residents were asked to stay indoors until cleanup efforts were finished.

Rain and wind can add to the challenge of cleaning up an oil spill, but using an oil select boom can help individuals absorb hazardous chemicals in any conditions. The boom removes petroleum-based products in marine environments including waterways, ponds and swamps.

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