Windy Days Ahead: Hold Onto Your XSORB!

Back in 1967, The Association scored a number one hit with Windy, which describes the kind of day when it might be good to have some XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent on hand. Though the song was about a girl, not an absorbent, the point is the same: whether Windy is someone’s name or a meteorological description of outside conditions, your business needs the right solution to handle those spills before they spread.

XSORB Outdoor is a heavier formula that stays down even in slightly windy conditions, so you can sing while you sweep away spills with this all-purpose, non-toxic and environmentally friendly dry clean up formula, knowing you’re handling spill clean up the smart way. When you need to remove tough spills such as oil, grease or paint, XSORB Outdoor easily does the job, leaving surfaces completely dry and non-slippery in minutes. And pound for pound, it absorbs six times more than toxic clay, saving labor time, money, and health.

Need to get even more aggressive with spill clean up? Choose XSORB EDGE Aggressive Absorbent, which cuts through the toughest spills quickly, lifting them from the surface so you can easily scrub away synthetic oils, petroleum, hydraulic fluids and fuel spills, leaving asphalt and concrete surfaces clean and dry. As heavy as clay (but much safer to use), XSORB EDGE’s aggressive wicking action makes it a superior cleaner. The dark gray color blends with surroundings so there is no visible white residue. And it’s non-toxic to both humans and the environment.

We can’t promise you a platinum record for using our products, but we can promise you’ll be a hit with customers and staff for keeping everyone safe and healthy.

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