XSORB saves opening day event

After months of preparation, the Landi Renzo facility in Torrence, California is ready for opening day.  The floors are sparkling.  Mr. Landi, the president of the company, has arrived from Italy, the company’s headquarters.  Vehicles are on display.  Everything is perfect right?  Wrong – at the last minute a red substance appears under a car.  It’s transmission fluid.  “Someone grab some absorbent,” Mr. Landi shouts.

Carl Jennings, the Lead Technician at the facility, is prepared.  He has been working with Kari Morales at Impact Absorbents to design a spill clean-up program for the brand new facility.  He has XSORB® Spill Clean-Up on hand.  He immediately grabs his bag of XSORB and heads for the spill site.  Mr. Landi looks on in anticipation as Carl pours a small amount of product around the spill.  Mr. Landi comments that this could not possibly be enough product to do the job and encourages Carl to pour more out.  Carl calmly insists that the product goes a long ways and to stand by.  Carl folds the XSORB into the transmission fluid with a broom and the absorbing process begins immediately.  To Mr. Landi’s amazement the spill is cleaned up in minutes leaving the floor sparkling clean and dry.

Carl is the hero of the day and Mr. Landi is so excited about this amazing process he insists that he take the product back to Italy to show off.  Landi Renzo SpA is a world-leading company serving more than 30% of the market for LPG and CNG alternative automotive fuel systems and components.  Thanks to XSORB and the hard work by Carl in preparation, the newest Landi Renzo facility Opening Day was a grand success.

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