XSORB used to clean up after hundreds of gallons of paint are spilled.

A forklift dropped a couple hundred gallons of white paint across a road in San Luis Obispo Monday. All things considered, though, it happened in a convenient place.

The spill happened around 12:30 p.m. At Madonna Road and South Higuera Street, in San Luis Obispo, CA, which is in front of the Caltrans office. The forklift was carrying a container full of paint used for striping. The mess took several hours to clean up. It is still unclear how the spill happened in the first place. “It toppled over, we don’t know what it may have hit yet, our focus is to get it picked up as soon as possible.” said Susana Cruz, Public Information Officer for Caltrans. Crews used Xsorb Edge, a heavy-weight absorbent, to pick up the paint. The clean up slowed down traffic for a brief period.

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