Simply sweep spills away with Spill Hero & XSORB Super Absorbent products. Spill Hero & XSORB is amazingly absorbent, safe and easy to use, ECOLOGO certified and environmentally friendly. Spill Hero absorbs up to 7 ½ times as much as clay and cuts clean-up labor costs by up to 70%.

Spill Hero & XSORB absorbs liquids by means of encapsulation. The liquid absorbed actually becomes trapped within the particle, which contributes to the exceptional absorption qualities and holding power.

Spill Hero & XSORB is also not damaging to asphalt, cement, tile, soil, animal or plant life. It passes the Paint Filters Test for non-leaching absorbency and is approved for proper land-fill disposal. Spill Hero & XSORB absorbents are approved for use in food establishments by requirements of the FDA and by the Food Production and Inspection Branch of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Available in ten formulas: Universal Spill Clean-Up, Outdoor All-Purpose, Oil Select, Edge Aggressive Scrubbing Absorbent, Plus Super Encapsulator with or without disinfectant, Acid Neutralizing, Caustic Neutralizing, Pet Clean-Up, and Rock Solid Paint Solidifier. Universal and Oil Select are also available in socks, booms and pillows.

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