Hazmat Absorbent Spill Clean-Up Sock 3″ x 4′

Universal spill clean-up sock in a highly visible yellow outer skin for stopping and absorbing leaks and spills.


Quickly absorbs and retains oils, coolants, solvents, and water — any spill or leak. Easily molds around machinery, barrels and corners to keep spills blocked from sensitive areas such as drains or walkways. Quickly absorbs machine leaks before they puddle, keeping floors dry.

  • Polypropylene highly visible skin is chemical and tear resistant even when fully saturated.
  • Block running liquids from sensitive areas such as drains or walkways.
  • Absorbency meets or exceeds industry standards.

Case Sku’s:
PSH34-4, case of 4. Absorbs up to 5 gallons per case
PSH34-10, case of 10. Absorbs up to 12.5 gallons per case
PSH34-20, case of 20. Absorbs up to 25 gallons per case
PSH34-40, case of 40. Absorbs up to 50 gallons per case

Weight 4.0 lbs
Case Quantity

10, 20, 4, 40

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