Spill Control Absorbent Strips, 4.5″ x 27″

Spill Strips with polymer filling to absorb larger amounts of liquids. Stops running and leaking and leaking spills.

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Easy, Fast & Simple Spill Response. Great addition to spill response programs.
These amazing pads can be carried on your person in order to quickly respond to nuisance spills that could be a hazard to others.
Case of 400

  • Ideal for on-the-go liquid clean-ups
  • One pad is equivalent to multiple paper towels
  • Absorbs liquid spills in seconds leaving your floors clean and dry
  • Absorbs common liquid spills like soda, water, coffee, and juice
  • Reduces ‘walk-aways’ to retrieve supplies
  • Each strip is 4.5″ x 27″


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