Truck & Vehicle Spill Kit with Plug N’ Dike Patching Compound

Compact high absorbency spill kits designed to fit in vehicles for emergency fuel and hazardous spill clean-up.

Includes absorbent pads and socks for oil, petroleum, chemical, and water-based spill clean-up.
Complies with DOT and EPA regulations that require proper materials and equipment for leaks or spills.
Comes in a durable reclosable heavyweight yellow plastic bag.
Fits conveniently under or behind a vehicle seat.

With a Plug and Dike Pattie – Emergency patch for damaged drums, fuel and chemical storage tanks.

Kit Contents:
20) 16” X 18” Heavyweight Recycled Absorbent Pads
3) 3″ x 4’ Universal Absorbent Socks
1) 10 oz. Jar Plug N’ Dike
1) Pair of Goggles
1) Pair of Nitrile Gloves
1) Face Mask
2) Disposal Bags
2) Hazardous Waste Labels

Absorbency: Up to 9.35  gallons per kit

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