All Kitted Out

Some people kit out their cars. And we suppose, if you love cats, being “kitted out” could refer to having a litter of kittens (as opposed to kitty litter) in your hall closet.

To us, however, being “all kitted out” means you have the right XSORB Spill Kit(s) on hand when you need them.

For instance, a great portable spill kit to have available for those summer road treks is the XSORB Xpress Universal Spill Kit, which fits under or behind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state laws. Easy to use, convenient and effective, this kit contains everything you need to clean up spills on the spot, wherever you are.

Or perhaps you require a more advanced spill containment and spill clean up solution. The XSORB Universal 30 gallon Labpack Spill Kit might be right for this situation. With a large bag of XSORB Universal that can absorb up to 27 gallons, Fiberlink Absorbent Socks, hazmat labels, and protective gloves and goggles, you’re prepared to meet and vanquish any hazardous spill. 

None of our spill kits are specially designed for kittens, however. If you really are kitted out with animal accidents, reach for XSORB’s Pet Accident Clean-Up, which will clean and deodorize what those sweet cats have left behind in a non-toxic and eco-friendly manner.

The good news: once your kittens are allowed to go outside, they handle their own waste disposal. So you’ll only have to clean up after the dog. And other humans.

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