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Just Say No to Clay

Remember Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No campaign? Hers targeted drugs, but made no mention of clay. Which is too bad, because clay is definitely hazardous to your health, even if you’re not ingesting it (and if you have a cat that is using clay litter, odds are they are ingesting it as they cover their …

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The Heat Is On

Hawaii, once known as a premier tourist destination, has been under siege from wildfires. Fires have also been choking the air over the East coast as smoke drifts down from Canadian fires. California and Nevada continue to experience wildfire outbreaks. Record-breaking triple-digit temperatures decimated most of the U.S. in August. Perhaps most disturbing of all, …

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Going to Extremes

Ocean temperatures like bath water. Flooding in Vermont. Smoky skies over Central Park, resembling the worst of California’s wildfires. We’re living in extreme times: heat, fire, flood. It’s a little scary. Ben Zaitchik, professor in the Earth and planetary sciences department at Johns Hopkins University, says of the extreme events, “All of this is entirely …

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ESG is Good for Spills

You’re probably familiar with MSG, a harmful additive that’s often hidden in foods under innocent-sounding labels. ESG is much better for you. ESG stands for environmental, social and corporate governance, and describes an ethical approach to corporate investing. One of the megatrends in 2023 is biodiversity, superseding even climate change as the critical issue of …

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