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Eating Season

Our lives are governed by the seasons: it would be odd (not to mention chilly) to walk around in shorts and tank tops in November. Unless you live in southern California, where people live on the beach. But in other climes, even with climate change, humans generally don more season-appropriate clothing in the colder months. …

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Oil In A Day’s Work

You know how annoying oil can be. Especially when it’s on your favorite blouse and not just your salad. Running around trying to find stain solutions can be an unexpected way to lose weight.  We get it. When oil of a different kind ends up spilled on your asphalt, that’s a spill clean up emergency …

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Cone Heads

If you were a fan of the old Saturday Night Live (since rebranded by its initials, SNL), you may recall a recurring skit featuring a small family known as the Coneheads: bald, pointy-headed extraterrestrials with odd speech patterns. The phrase “parental units” derives from these characters, as does a term for scrambled eggs that’s become …

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Remains of the Day

Our annual time travel adventure takes place on Sunday, November 6th, when we set our clocks back and get to re-live an hour. It’s like a Groundhog Day micro-mini. How will you spend this extra time? One way you probably don’t want to spend it is cleaning up a spill. So since you’ve got an extra hour …

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