Back to School: In March? Keep It Clean!

Yes, it’s happening. Hapless, exhausted parents and caretakers are about to get a welcome respite, six months after the typical start of the school year. Because nothing’s been “typical” since March of 2020. And now, in March 2021, the government is giving the green light for schools to re-open, staying COVID-safe, of course.

Just think: there are some children whose only experience of school up until now has been via video! It’ll be like the first day of kindergarten for everyone as they return to the classroom, masked and ready to study. 

And with all that pent-up exuberance, we know what’s going to come in handy at some point (or many points) during the school day: our Biofresh Biohazard Kit

Kids will be kids, and they won’t always be masked up. At lunch and snack time, when eating necessitates mask removal, typical behavior is sure to follow, especially when children have been denied the camaraderie of their peers for so long. 

So when they have eating or drinking contests that result in a bit of a mess on the cafeteria floor, you know what to do: reach for the Biohazard Kit, which contains everything you need to handle vomit, blood, and urine: 

Each kit contains:
1 Canister of Biofresh Super Absorbent with Disinfectant
2 Personal Protection Kits
1 10″ x 12″ zip lock bag with handle

Each Personal Protection Kit contains:
1 Disposable dustpan and brush set
1 Dustmask
1 Pair of High Risk Protective Gloves 
2 Disinfecting towelettes
1 Red Biohazard disposal bag
1 Zip Tie

Biofresh Kits are easily stored in closets or behind cafeteria counters, ready to come to the rescue of exuberant school children delighted to be back at school. 

There’s one silver lining for parents and teachers, beyond having the kids back in the classroom itself: after a year of working remotely via technology, they may be happy to put down the phones and tablets for good old-fashioned paper and pens. 

Or not. 

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