BP points finger at Halliburton in last year’s massive Gulf oil spill

More than a year after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, British Petroleum (BP) is accusing Halliburton Energy Services of destroying crucial evidence that showed it was partially to blame for the Macondo well explosion off the Louisiana coast.

The Washington Post reports that the accusations were filed in federal court in New Orleans by BP, who claimed Halliburton intentionally destroyed test results that showed samples of the cement seals at the well were unstable.

The British company also claimed that oilfield services providers suppressed computer models that might have shown Halliburton’s culpability because it was afraid the evidence could be used against it in court.

Both companies face more than 350 lawsuits by businesses and residents who claim billions of dollars in damages. Top products from Impact Absorbents including XSORB Oil Select Bilge Booms and ColdForm Bonded Oil-Only Absorbent Pads can help prevent further environmental damage caused by many types of oil spills.

BP and Halliburton are suing each other over which company is ultimately responsible for the massive spill, which killed 11 workers and led to more than 200 million gallons of oil bring spilled into Gulf waters.  

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