“Clean Up Your Room!” And Other Mom-isms

“Mother” has always stood for comfort, caring and cleanliness. “Did you wash behind your ears? Did you clean up your room? How about the office? I know somebody spilled syrup all over the floor back there”

There’s no hiding from mom. Mothers have eyes in the back of their head, and sixth-sense radar that extends everywhere, no matter how old you are or how important you’ve become in business. Which is why you need Impact Absorbents.

We have your back (and front, sides, floor, walls, ceiling, parking lot, walkwayspretty much anywhere spill clean up needs present themselves). Because while mom can’t be there to ensure you clean up your mess at work, Impact Absorbents can, with bells on.

Has your municipality suffered significant damage from the wild winter storms? There’s definitely some construction and repair work needed this spring. And while mom might have exhorted you to get your mind out of the gutter, we want you to place it right back there, with Ultra GutterGuard, a synthetic filter manufactured from recycled synthetic fibers. The GutterGuard is designed to filter stormwater before it enters curb inlets. It’s available in various lengths and should be ordered two feet longer than the curb opening. GutterGuard is the easy, inexpensive Best Management Practice (BMP) for protecting curb inlets during construction.

We know mom doesn’t approve of fighting, either, but sometimes you just have to get aggressive when you’re dealing with tough spills. So we think she’ll approve of XSORB EDGE Aggressive Absorbent, which lets you clean up the toughest spills in a hurry. XSORB EDGE cuts through liquids, lifting them from the surface so you can easily scrub away synthetic oils, petroleum, hydraulic fluids and fuel spills. Asphalt and concrete surfaces will be clean and dry, not slippery. Plus, XSORB EDGE decreases disposal costs, saving time and labor. We know anything that saves money is a win with mom.

So why not give mom’s radar a rest? Just stock up on XSORB spill clean up solutions. She’ll be delighted with how well she raised you.


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