Curbside Dining? That’s a FOGgy Notion!

Here in California, where so much of the nation’s food is grown, eating fresh and local is almost a state pastime. Along with sampling from the local vintners. And if there was one thing the pandemic was not going to stop, it was eating out — especially as it’s one of the few social activities still permitted. 

As long as we dine outside.

Restaurants of every stripe, lacking patios, got inventive and installed bright orange roadside bolsters to “create” a curbside dining section. And the patrons kept coming.

In summer and fall, this made sense. But even though northern California winters are nothing like living in Michigan or upstate New York, they’re hardly balmy. So it’s surprising to see people suited up in coats, hats, and scarves, sitting next to space heaters and enjoying a meal. Clearly, eating out during the COVID era is as essential to mental health as essential workers are to keeping the planet functioning.

But are you in a FOG from all this extra cooking? We’re referring, of course, to fats, oil, and grease, which can destroy your restaurant roof and create a fire hazard. And California has experienced enough fires in recent years to last a lifetime.

The solution? Our Grease Catcher Grease Containment System. The revolutionary Grease Catcher System protects your kitchen roof from damage or fire by automatically catching and absorbing grease and oils that drip from your kitchen exhaust fan. Grease Catcher consists of hydrophobic, grease absorbing “pillows” that are fireproof and adhere to EPA standards for absorbents. Once they capture grease and oils, leakage isn’t possible, even in wet weather!

With Grease Catcher, you’ll never have to worry about FOG spill containment or spill clean up, because this lightweight, rustproof, easy to use containment unit spells history for spills. Grease Catcher also protects drains and our waterways, saving you potential fines as well. 

While you may have been surprised and delighted that so many people want to dine outdoors in winter months, we know you’re happy they’re keeping you in business. And we’re here to make sure that business stays as safe as possible in these unusual times. Bon appétit!


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