Emission or Absorption?

In an intriguing novel called Chemistry, by Weike Wang (who holds a chemistry degree), she writes, “A laser is colorful by emission. It is green because it emits light. It is not like a leaf that is green because it absorbs red lightIn this way, a green laser is a purer form of color than the world’s greenest leaf.”

Now, we recently explained the distinction between absorption and adsorption. And while lasers may be a purer form of color, when it comes to spill containment, absorption bests emission every time, hands down.

Let’s talk about purity. Our environmentally friendly absorbents raise the bar on quality. Back in 1992, when the Tharp family began experimenting to create a premier absorbent product, they had one focus: to create the most effective, economical and ecological spill clean up product on the market, safe for both the user and the environment.

Today, Impact Absorbents offers more than 500 spill containment and spill clean up products to serve numerous industries, from harbors to hospitals to food service, from raceways to retail to emergency response, and many more. And every product is as pure as an absorbent can be.

So, green? Check. Literary license makes for interesting reading. But when it comes to smart spill clean up, stick with the facts. Impact Absorbents pioneered the spill containment and spill clean up products that redefined safety, quality, and environmentally friendly. You might say we wrote the book on it.


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