Feet of Clay: Your Achilles’ Heel

If you’re an artist, clay can be a wonderful medium. You mold and shape the vision in your mind on a potter’s wheel, fire the piece in the kiln, and voil: a beautiful sculpture for the house, or perhaps the first in an inspired line of earthenware.

But just because clay is useful in one milieu doesn’t mean it’s an all-purpose solution. Clay is still a popular form of kitty litter, even though it’s toxic for cats (they breathe in theharmful silica dustwhen they cover their deposits) as well as for the humans who scoop the litter.

And when it comes to spill clean up, clay is a seven-time loser. Clay is:

  • Leaching. Clay is anadsorbent, not an absorbent, so the spilled liquid just coats the clay, leaving an oily, wet film. Yuck!
  • Heavy. The average bag of clay weighs 50 pounds not the easiest spill clean up product to use, unless you’re a weightlifter.
  • Messy. Because it doesn’t absorb well, clay and the spill can wind up where they don’t belong, such as all over your clean shop floor, or event center, or restaurantget the picture? It isn’t pretty, safe, or sanitary.
  • Clogging.Clay will clog up your drains.Unless you’re a plumber, it’s going to be an expensive proposition. And plumbing emergencies are a bane for business.
  • A Fire Hazard.Physical contact between clay and bio-fuel, turpentine, vegetable oil or other unsaturated organic compounds (such as fish oil) may generate heat and/or fire.
  • Environmentally unfriendly. You may think you’re saving money because clay is relatively cheap to purchase. But increased disposal and labor costs add up quickly. And it’s decidedlynotecological!
  • Harmful to all living creatures.As mentioned, clay is bad for cats and humans to breathe. Warnings on the bag may even state, “Do not breathe. May cause delayed lung injury (silicosis). Follow OSHA safety and health standards for crystalline silica (a known carcinogen.)”

Why would you want to subject yourself or your team to such danger, when a healthy alternative exists?

Don’t let clay be your Achilles’ Heel. ChooseXSORBfor spill clean up. XSORB is appropriate everywhere:grocery and chain stores, tire and lube centers, as well as industrial, commercial or home applications.
It’s also effective for use by oil refineries, hazmat response teams, facilities using hazardous or toxic chemicals, and more.

Non-leaching, affordable, efficient, safe, and eco-friendly. What more could you ask for in a spill clean up solution?


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