Harbor Lights on Clean Water

When Boz Scaggs penned the tune Harbor Lights, he probably didn’t have spill containment for the marine environment in mind. But you can use the song as inspiration to keep the harbor you call your own clean, green, and pristine, by keeping Impact Absorbents’ spill clean up products close at hand.

Bilge and sump booms, for example, are an easy and economical way to clean water in sumps and reduce contamination in bilge discharge. Designed to work while floating, bilge booms will repel water indefinitely, and are safe and simple to use. They’ll remove all petroleum-based products from your boat’s bilge, leaving only clean water behind. They’re so effective, in fact, that XSORB Select Bilge Booms are licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game as an oil spill clean up agent.

Want the whole enchilada? Marine spill kits supply everything you need to clean up and dispose of spills, whether of oil or other contaminants. Or even the enchilada you were eating while cleaning your boat. Just saying.

Our FiberDuck Economy Oil Absorbent Spill Kit loves the water even more than ducks do. It’s made to clean up oil spills easily, effectively and economically. Designed to fit under or behind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state law, FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Kits are hydrophobic and oleophilic (meaning they repel water and soak up oil). Each spill kit absorbs up to 4.5 gallons.

So make sure you do your part this summer to help the harbor lights shine on clean, clear water. We think Boz would approve.


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