It’s A Hot One

When Santana released the hit “Smooth” in 1999, with the lyrics, “Man, it’s a hot one / Like seven inches from the midday sun” he wasn’t singing about climate change, though he might as well have been.

In their 27th annual “State of the Climate” report, released in August, the American Meteorological Society verifies that 2016 was the hottest year on record that’s since 1880, when record keeping began.

The report states, “Surface temperature and carbon dioxide concentration, two of the more publicly recognized indicators of global-scale climate change, set new highs during 2016, as did several surface and near-surface indicators and essential climate variables. Notably, the increase in CO2 concentration was the largest in the nearly six-decade observational record.”

Wow. Not good. But as an environmentally friendly spill clean up and safety company, Impact Absorbents does its best to keep the Earth’s land and water clear and clean.

One of the ways we contribute to planetary ecology is by offering recycled products wherever possible. For instance, in Impact Absorbents’ Recycled FiberDuck Heavyweight Oil Absorbent Pads, our advanced technology expands the fibers to give you more surface area for increased absorption speed and capacity. These pads are flexible, allowing you to clean up spills of all shapes and sizes, no matter how irregular: crumple the pad into pipe fittings, wrap it around hoses, wipe down barrels – it conforms to the shape you need. Our pads consistently provide maximum performance so it takes fewer pads to clean up more, helping you reduce waste, too.

Similarly, our Ultra GutterGuard uses a synthetic filter manufactured from recycled synthetic fibers. The GutterGuard is designed to filter stormwater before it enters curb inlets. A companion product, Ultra DrainGuard Recycled, not only does a spectacular job keeping sediment and other pollutants from entering the water system; as a recycled product, it’s already doing double-duty.

We encourage everyone to do what you can to stay cool, especially around people with fiery tempers, and choose recycled products whenever practical. Because while singing about heat may create a hit record, living hot isn’t sustainable as a life plan.

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